Long-sleeved Shift

The first thing I made after my sewing sabbatical (of several years!) was a long-sleeved shift dress from some gorgeous floral vintage silk I bought several years ago on ebay. I have many metres of it, so was planning to use it to reline an old 40s jacket, make a crazy pair of palazzo trousers kind of like these, etc etc. The fabric is rather narrow, though, so those ambitions will have to be curbed.

I digress. Getting back to this make; I have had a McCalls pattern for many years that I’ve never used. As it’s an old pattern, I cut it out thinking it would be good to do so generously (a 16/18 according to my measurements, i.e. a RTW 14). The finished garment was absolutely swimming on me; more like a one-woman tent than a dress:P

So, I took it in an inch or so (several centimetres) either side and tried it on again…. still far too big. I think the main problem was that it’s dropped shouldered with batwing sleeves. I took it in another few inches/centimetres and tried it on again – much better this time, and now wearable. This make needs to be photographed whilst being worn. I definitely need to sort out a photographic session!


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