20111221-114029.jpgAs this site is about a hobby of mine, I’ve decided to keep the content personal; any views expressed here are of course my own. To learn more about my business life, here’s my Linkedin profile. I’ve written for the quarterly journal published by my former employer Grant Pearson Brown Consulting for a few years now. My articles they can be found here.

I trained as a classical singer for more than 12 years, though my music tastes are eclectic. I’ve also been known to sing jazz ballads, as well as a few rock tunes written by one of my brothers! Being back home in London definitely satisfies my love of listening to live music.

I really enjoy dancing and got back into salsa several years ago, learning from some of the best Cuban teachers in the UK. It doubles as a pretty serious workout too.

I’ve always been interested in fashion trends and I started making clothes as a young teenager at boarding school. I have done so on and off now over many years. I was a fashion model in the early to mid 80s; a job that unfortunately I disliked intensely:-/

I designed quite a few garments for myself in the late 80s, but had them made for me. It’s only recently that I’ve become curious about the construction as well as design. This has got me studying pattern-cutting so that I can make my own designs as well as using commercial patterns still, as you’ll see from this blog. I also seem to have become more adventurous and confident as a sewer and have made other items, such as scarves and bags for some of my favourite people. I’m looking forward to creating more of these during 2015.


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