Summer 2014

I got back into sewing big time early on this summer – and also buying fabric and patterns. Eek! Actually, I thought I was fairly restrained on the pattern front (bought 5 patterns since May, or perhaps that’s 6….).

Anyway, despite the best intentions of only using fabric I already own, I have very little willpower when I’m actually in a fabric shop, or got ideas running around my head! So my purchases over the past few months have been two types of cotton drill and a black cotton sateen with 3% elastane from Rolls and Rems, Holloway; two lovely patterned cottons (end of rolls) and a few months later two beautiful Liberty silk twills, all from Raystitch in Essex Road; two types of silk (bargain end of rolls from Biddle & Sawyer).

I’ve also invested in a few different sized French curves which come in handy when pattern draughting and of course all the other notions and things needed for finishing garments: interfacing, thread, zips, etc. Mostly from William Gee, but also bought zips from Mermaid Fabrics recently and plan to go back to take a closer look at some of their fabulous furnishing fabrics. I have an idea for a duster coat!

I have been using my stash, though. In fact, the first three items I made this summer were all with fabric from my stash, apart from buying lining for the 1st Bellatrix blazer I made. So very little guilt there:-/

I’ve just discovered that a lovely white cotton given to me by a friend a few years ago that has a striking blue flower pattern is a vintage 70s fabric from Borås designed by Toni Hermansson called “Fjun”.

I recently made this into my 2nd Bellatrix blazer, although I had to cut out a lot of it using the white silk jacquard I bought earlier in the summer. I’m really pleased with the result, as I wasn’t sure if it would work.


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